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Closing Coordinator
San José del Cabo
Employment Type
Working hours:
Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 18:00 hrs; availability on weekends (on rotation)
The Position:
The position’s responsibilities are to lead the transaction team, be responsible for delivering reports, participate in company strategic meetings and be responsible for the team, giving support and ordering priorities, provide an added service to our agents and the brokerage to ensure smooth progress with sales and closings. The main burden is ensuring transaction data is correct, makes sense, timing, re-confirming data, excellent communication with all parties to the closing/sale, weekly updates to agents and their sellers or buyers, and Time management with collections to keep track of income to the company.
Key Responsibilities:
a. Agent Transactions Manager
  • Give support to agents about all their queries regarding their transactions from the moment they open a listing until the closing of the sale is over.
  • Collaborate with the Agent’s onboarding training related to Transactions Team.
  • Follow up with agents when they enter an offer, understand why they did not advance, if they require support, and generate reports based on offers received. Likewise, support them in moving forward with their closures.
  • Attention to the agents regarding the documentation they must present.
  • Assist in ensuring the CRM is properly used by agents in their tasks regarding to Transactions.
  • Ensure complete know-how of system operation.
  • Assist with agent onboarding, training, and troubleshooting.
  • Collaborate with finding improved, streamlined, and more efficient processes.
  • Assist with project management of any improvements to the system whether with an in-house systems coordinator, or the CRM’S in-house system team.
  • Collaborate in estimating income tax calculations (fill out the form or request a notary) to help the taxpayer’s sellers understand their net income after commissions and taxes caused by the sale – this it helps the seller understand how much to sell for a certain profit.
  • Support in requesting and reviewing closing costs to external seamers.
  • Review and support in improving systems – create formats to facilitate the request for information when necessary or when you see the possibility of improvement and efficiency in our processes.
  • Supervise and/or register vulnerable activities and folders with required documents.
b. Closing Coordinator
  • Coordinate the receipt and distribution of due diligence ítems requested from Sellers/buyers.
  • Maintain internal checklist of ítems required before Closing a transaction and any post-closing ítems.
  • Maintain a critical dates Schedule and monitor all parties involved to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Coordinate with appropriate departments and agents to make sure items are submitted on a timely basis and files are completed post-closing.
  • Provide necessary ítems for law firm to prepare Closing binders.
  • Pursue the resolution of various issues during the due diligence/Closing process.
  • Coordinate with Accounting to make any required earnest money deposits and verify the return of the funds post-closing
  • Process all company listings and transactions.
  • Prepare estimated Closing statements for buyers or Sellers.
c. Leadership of the team
  • Feed the database with the transactions and movements of the month
  • Manage and be responsible for the Transactions team, and evaluate their performance.
  • Elaborate reports to present them to the broker and partners.
  • Provide guidance to the team and order priorities.
  • Delegate work and monitor that goals are met.
  • Listen to team members opinions and resolve any problems or conflicts.
  • Motivate team members.
d. Secondary Responsibilities: Review of listings and offers.
Experience and Attributes:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience as a Legal Advisor /Transaction coordinator.
  • A minimum of 1 year of experience in Real Estate
  • Bilingual English – Spanish
  • Strong organizational, critical thinking and communications skills
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Ecosystems (Office 365) primarily Microsoft Excel
  • Possess strong problem-solving and analytical capabilities
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision or guidance
  • Highly detail-oriented
Note: Important to recognize that the position is to assist and support, so there will be tasks and expectations not detailed here.
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