Mexican tradition dictates celebrating Mexican Independence Day on the evening of September 15th. The commemoration of Miguel Hidalgo’s cry for independence in the early hours of September 16th. The Mexican independence war took 11 long years to consummate, creating a new nation known by the name “Estados Unidos Mexicanos or its direct translation in English, “The United Mexican States,” colloquially known as Mexico.

The most vivacious celebration happens every year in” La Plaza de la Constitución” In front of the national palace; this square is known as “El Zocalo” in Mexico City. Where the Mexican president gives homage to the Mexican heroes who died to achieve freedom from the Spanish oppressive regime; and other historical figures from important Mexican battles to protect its sovereignty. The tradition involves a cry where the hero’s names are mentioned, “Long Live Hidalgo, Long Live Morelos, and so on, ending with “Long live Mexico followed by the Mexican Anthem.

Every state in Mexico has its own celebration, usually in the center square in front of the municipal palace or some other important government office.  San Jose del Cabo is no exception. The best place to experience “El Grito” is in San Jose del Cabos Historic center. The celebration starts on the evening of the 15th and ends at 11 pm when the reenactment of the cry for independence is performed by the Mayor of Los Cabos Municipality. Streets are decorated with red, green, and white, Mexico’s National colors; the main streets of the historic center are closed to cars, and only pedestrians are allowed.  Attendees usually are expected to where Mexico’s national colors and sometimes even paint their faces with the national flag.

Restaurants host different gourmet experiences for tourists and nationals to commemorate traditional Mexican dishes like “El Chile en Nogada.” Poblano pepper (not spicy) filled with aromatic grounded pork topped with a “nogada” or chestnut sauce and pomegranate on the very top. Whether visiting Cabo for a long weekend or staying for a few more days, experiencing this cultural event is a MUST. ¡Viva Mexico!

Enjoy Everything Cabo Has to Offer

Whether you’re looking to call this paradise home or simply searching for activities while visiting Cabo. San Jose del Cabo is a sparkling beach town with a luxury real estate market like no other. From villas to contemporary estates, the properties reflect Cabo’s visual appeal and world-class relaxation. Contact trusted local advisor Gaspar Cortina at The Agency Los Cabos if you want to begin your search.

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