After having lived in San Jose del Cabo for more than a decade, I never imagined Cabo San Lucas as anything more than a party place. For my lifestyle and the activities I enjoy like surfing, camping, the art walk, wellness classes, and of course great dining, San Jose has always felt to me like it was the “right side of town.”

Perhaps surprisingly, my concept of San Lucas changed when I started to work at The Cape, which is a Thompson hotel on the tourist corridor of Los Cabos. I have been a part of The Cape Residences sales team for the past three years and, as an agent, I have had the privilege to pretty much live in the resort and experience everything it has to offer to our potential buyers and clients.

The Cape Residences - Residences for sale at The Cape - The Agency Los Cabos

“You can only sell what you know and love”. Without further ado, these are my Cabo San Lucas bucket-list that I have nominated as MUST-DO’s for 2022.


You can wake up to these incredible sunrises on the Sea of Cortez and wind down with the gorgeous red sunsets over the mountains. This is my number one because it is the place where you can do the other five without leaving the resort.


Cabo San Lucas has the most incredible left wave to offer to all of us, goofy-foot surfers.

This incredible point-break is named Misiones or “Monuments” It is located right in front of the beautiful infinity pool of The Cape and is one of the few waves in Cabo that breaks all year long. The south swells are the best but even the north swells have some waves to offer to the San Lucas crowd. Also, it is the only wave in all of Cabo that can give you that picture-perfect souvenir with the iconic arch of Cabo behind you.

If you are interested in getting this kind of souvenir, I highly recommend contracting Citlali Chalvignac to take the picture for you.

She is a professional underwater and surf photographer in Los Cabos and can be reached through Instagram @citlalichalvignac.)


There are some wonderful spas throughout Los Cabos. I always recommend using a spa that is located within a resort.

The therapists from these spas are certified in many different techniques and this ensures that the service experience is blissful. The Cape has a lovely spa to offer to guests of the hotel and owners at The Cape residences. “Currents” is carved into the rocks and was designed by the same architect responsible for creating the hotel.

The beautiful architecture brings all the beauty of the elements of the area, making it so relaxing and enjoyable for a day at the spa.


I love trying new food and Los Cabos has an incredible number of restaurants. From “farm-to-table,” to restaurants owned by chefs with exclusive awards. Manta is an example of the latter and it is located at The Cape, a Thompson Hotel. Enrique Olvera who is the chef of this marvelous restaurant has a special menu where hand-made tortillas and Mexican wines take you on a “Viaje Gastronomico”. If you want to take this trip I suggest you make a reservation in advance.

Manta at The Cape Residences


Cabo San Lucas is the place where “You’re up all night for good fun, and you’re up all night to get lucky.” I have to share with you, that one of the most wonderful nights that I have ever lived in Cabo was at The Rooftop at The Cape Hotel. It was a New Year’s Eve party and the fireworks illuminated the sky while the beats of Polo & Pan spread love, and happy energy, and made us move to the same rhythm of the waves that were breaking at “la playa” below us.

Cabo for NYE should be one of your bucket list items for sure. I loved the selection of music by Andres, Musical Director at The Cape, he is the one that delighted our ears in all areas at The Cape.


I am really impressed with everything that a good yoga class or wellness activity can do for you: peace, happiness, and physical health. The Cape has an impressive fitness team in Los Cabos that offers you onsite yoga classes, pilates, weight training, and more. All ur owners at The Cape Residences have access to private classes provided by the ModuVated Fitness team. The instructors are super friendly and really well trained. Be prepared for the good energy that Modu, who is the Founder of ModuVated, has to share with you.

I hope you visit us at The Cape in Cabo San Lucas to do any of these activities. 
Also for more information about The Cape Residences please contact me, Angie Villa. I am happy to tour you and share with you all the wonderful things that this amazing property has to offer.

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Angie Villa

Angie Villa


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