This pandemic has definitely opened our eyes in many ways and taught us valuable lessons. Still, the most important one I’ve learned is to keep things simple. We lived in a highly fast-paced world that made us believe life was just about being first, possessing, achieving no matter what.

 Then the “unprecedented event” came and shocked us as no other event has done it before, dead stop!. I, like everyone else, witnessed society collapse worldwide; uncertainty invaded me. I felt “lost” for a while, but then, as a good human, I adapted. 

I had to reinvented myself in many aspects and, in that transition, I realized that I’ve had created dependency on many unnecessary things that weren’t really adding anything to my life, so I started a clean-up, and not just of material things, but of bad habits and superficial practices also. 

So, after analyzing this for a while, I came up with the “three pillars of keeping it simple”


And I’ll just put it this way: how many pairs of shoes you have in your closet?. What about all that sports gear you have and only used once and will never use again?. Parents, from all the toys you have bought to your kids, how many they really use? you’d be surprised by the answer. 

An average family can accumulate up to 300,000 items in its home. Impressive, right? Maybe it’s time to knock on charities’ doors, recycle, and get rid of what is not worth giving away. Most importantly, it’s time to become a more responsible consumer, purchase only what you really need and is helpful for your life. 

Lots 14 F48, F49, F58, F59 – El Tezal – Cabo Corridor


Here I’m not referring to buying organic food or products. However, that could also help, but to become more human, to pay more attention to your surroundings and the people you relate to every day. Put your smartphone away for more extended periods during the day, see the world through your own eyes instead of through the screen. 

Try new outdoor activities, walk around, or just contemplate something while enjoying a beer or a glass of wine; believe me, there’s no better stress reliever than that. 


After the abrupt suspension of most modern human activity, we witnessed how amazingly nature responded.

It was just a matter of giving nature a few months of real rest to start seeing the benefits of it. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a result of human consciousness; it was more a worldwide imposition we had to comply with, but regardless of that, we saw the results, and hopefully, we will learn from it; we have to. Otherwise, we will suffer the consequences sooner than later. 

Homesite Lot 55 Palmilla Estate
Lot 55 Palmilla Estates – Palmilla Estates – San Jose Corridor

As you see, these are simple practices, carrying them out shouldn’t represent enormous efforts or sacrifices, these are things we can achieve by just being more conscious and make them part of our lifestyle, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not against development, I think every industry plays an essential role in human society, is just that we have to find the way to make them evolve harmoniously with humanity and nature. Maybe these three practices could be a good start.  

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