Investing in Cabo is so much more than great real estate – it is all about the experiences we get to enjoy. Life has changed so much in the last two years, and it seems we have all become more aware of what it means to be alive, to be out in nature with our families; that creating memories is worth so much more than all the money in the bank. We see so many new buyers coming to Los Cabos looking for just this – a beautiful estate they can enjoy with immediate and extended family; a place for friends to come to stay and visit, and limitless opportunities to get out, explore and create life-long memories enjoying the array of adventures and experiences Los Cabos has to offer.

Even though I have lived in Los Cabos for most of my life, I am still awestruck when I get out into the beautiful landscapes of this magical place – most of you are new here, or just come to visit, or maybe you have never even been here (what are you waiting for?), while I have had the privilege to call this place home for 30 years now – my great ambition is to help others see Cabo for all it’s worth, all it can be. Get out of your comfort zone and into the wild; these are the backdrops to luxury homes in Cabo and the playground for many of us who venture off the beaten path.

Yesterday we were treated to a lovely afternoon excursion on the water from our great friends over at Querencia – they have a new catamaran that will soon be added to their extensive amenity list for Q members. In tow with friends and family, we anchored off the shore of Palmilla beach, and played in the water for hours – the catamaran is equipped with a great team, a jet ski, motorized surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, snorkel gear, and so much more. The weather was perfect, the water was divine – we were carefree and concentrated on relaxation and enjoyment alone, which is saying a lot for this full-time powerhouse executive, wife, and mommy of two baby boys – lately, I don’t get quite as much outdoor adventure time as I’d like, however as my boys get older, I can foresee all of the adventures we will get to go on – I have started my list, some I have been on before, and others I have only heard or dreamed of but, I digress. 

Back to “yesterday”, after playing in the water, we were served an incredible meal of ceviches, sashimi, salads, cheese platers, and fresh fruit followed by the most delicious little key lime pies all while enjoying the view of some of the most impressive and sprawling homes in Los Cabos – properties ranging from the low millions all the way up to the tens of millions – I love the change of perspective of seeing all these amazing homes from the sea.

We cruised the shore at the perfect distance to take it all in, from Querencia’s new beachfront condominiums, passed Caleta Palmilla, Palmilla Norte, The Cove at Palmilla, Villas del Mar, Punta Bella, Cerro Colorado, Cabo Colorado, and El Dorado. The amount of luxury homes is just breathtaking, and the opportunity for development in these coveted neighborhoods is still strong.

We were trailing lures “just in case” when all the sudden our captain ordered the lines be pulled in, he had seen something in the water just ahead. We all went silent, looking around intensely for close to 15 minutes. We were sure we had missed it when just to our starboard side, an enormous humpback whale surfaced several times while swimming along before diving back down into the depths. The whales are back! In just a few short weeks there will be whales breaching and splashing in all directions. What wonders we get to be a part of – these are the experiences that make Cabo such a special place.

After the excitement of the humpback whale popping up to say hello, we all settled in, the sunset was perfect right behind the Palmilla point from our perspective, and we cruised slowly, listening to one of the best playlists I have heard in a while (thank you captain Pepe!), all the way back down the coast towards Puerto Los Cabos, down to Zadun, a Ritz Carlton Reserve, we arrived just at dusk and the silhouette against the backdrop of rolling hills was divine – we have two of these impressive, beachfront villas listed for sale, just fresh on the market. 

These are the moments we live for – we work hard for our families and opportunities, however, these moments when we get to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life, like friends and family on a catamaran in Los Cabos with great food, the perfect playlist, all while marveling at how beautiful our little town of San Jose del Cabo is – whose life is this? We are the lucky ones – life is too precious to not live somewhere spectacular like Los Cabos – what are you waiting for? jump in.

Adrienne Westfall
VP Of Sales, The Agency Los Cabos

Adrienne Westfall


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