Best Couch Fabric Materials The couch is an integral part of anyone’s home, and its design and style can have a major impact on the overall feel and look of your space. So when it comes to selecting or designing your dream couch, choosing the suitable fabrics can be very crucial.  Let’s go over some[...]
The dining room table is now commonplace in most households, but many likely don’t know the history and cultural significance behind it.  In recent years, our dining tables turned into not only where we eat our meals but conference room tables, classroom desks, and more during the pandemic. So, let’s look back at how it[...]
A SPEC home is a house built with the intention of selling it for a profit, either as-is or with very minimal changes.  The builder completes the construction “speculating” that someone will buy it once it is complete.  In essence, a SPEC home is a move-in-ready home that a developer builds for an unspecified buyer,[...]
When someone mentions Cabo, white sand beaches, golf, and margaritas are usually what come to mind, but it is all that and so much more. It recently has been getting accolades for its coastal cuisine, modern architecture, and there is a new wave of young artists popping up. These artists are extremely talented, bringing new[...]
Choosing Fencing for Your Home A new fence can increase the security of your home, act as a safe space for animals and kids, add visual appeal, and even raise the resale value of your home. But before you run out and hire a contractor or jump into a DIY project, a little planning and[...]
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