Mexican tradition dictates celebrating Mexican Independence Day on the evening of September 15th. The commemoration of Miguel Hidalgo’s cry for independence in the early hours of September 16th. The Mexican independence war took 11 long years to consummate, creating a new nation known by the name “Estados Unidos Mexicanos or its direct translation in English,[...]
A collection of the best spots to unwind in this hot-beach town Cabo San Lucas is famed for its stunning turquoise waters and beautiful white sand beaches. This popular tourist spot is a temperate and sunny climate almost year-round that is perfect for restoring and relaxing. It is a short two-hour flight from Los Angeles[...]
The past August 24th, The Agency held our annual Global Clean Up. This initiative was born a few years and aimed to give back to our community. As the name states, The Agency family showed up in every city and town where we have acted to remove trash from lakes, beaches, parks, and a wide[...]
A virtual showing is typically requested when the buyer and buyer’s agent view the property but are not physically present at Los Cabos, Todos Santos, or La Paz. A virtual showing can come in many forms: Real-Time Video Showing: The showing is conducted using streaming video technology such as FaceTime, Google Duo, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Homerover[...]
Looking for some fresh inspiration for your outdoor kitchen space? We’re going beyond basic countertops, grills, and dishwashers. Here are some new ideas for outdoor kitchen decor that you’ll definitely want to consider. 1.- Outdoor pizza oven. Do you have family and friends who are pizza lovers? This will go down a storm with almost[...]
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