Las Posadas

What Is Las Posadas Season in Mexico? What are your favorite holiday traditions and celebrations from around the world? Different cultures have unique ways of celebrating the holiday season. In Mexico, the tradition is to enjoy Las Posadas: a celebration of the Christmas story. Not only is Las Posadas celebrated in Mexico, but many other […]

Dining Room Thanksgiving Decorations 2023

2023 Trends to Decorate Your Dining room this Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it’s time to get your dining room ready for another memorable feast with family and friends. If you’re looking for fresh ideas to liven up your space this year, you’re in the right place! We’ll share some trendy and […]

Halloween vs Day of the Dead

Halloween vs. Day of the Dead Halloween and the Day of the Dead are two distinct celebrations that, although occurring around the same time of the year, come with their unique origins and traditions. While you may be tempted to lump them together as the same celebration, we will explore the differences between these two […]

My Job is just Beach

In the immortal words of Barbie’s Ken, “My job is just beach.” Personally, I think that sounds like a dream job and has a lot to do with why I made the move from Western Canada to Los Cabos this year. For those of us who are beach lovers, strolling along the many beaches of Los Cabos […]

Zadún: A Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Puerto Los Cabos

Zadún is a Ritz-Carlton Reserve hotel located in the master-planned resort of Puerto Los Cabos, in the Southern Baja of Mexico. Zadún is part of the Ritz-Carlton Reserve brand, which signifies the highest level of luxury and exclusivity. With a world-class marina and golf, Puerto Los Cabos is considered one of the most coveted locations […]