Privileged Homesites For Custom Made Luxury Residences

Imagine a place that could elicit an innermost desire to call it home without a shadow of a doubt. A place is so enamoring that whoever sets foot there will most likely want to build a custom-made, lavish ocean getaway from the ground up. That place could easily be Los Cabos. But along with an ideal vision for a new home, finding a piece of land on which to build it is an absolute must. Following are a few of the options showcased by The Agency Los Cabos offers that are awaiting their ‘owner for life’.

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Summer is not over… So, what’s hot in Cabo? Cabo del Sol.

Cabo Del Sol began in 1985 when Baja pioneer Don Koll and financier and philanthropist, Robert Day partnered to purchase the property from Bud Parr and develop the 1,800-acre development. 

This magical resort development sits on the ‘Golden Corridor’, a desert oasis on the southern tip of the Baja peninsula in Los Cabos—the Capes— where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortéz. 

The famed Jack Nicklaus Ocean course and impressive Tom Weisskopf desert courses have been sought out destinations for golf aficionados over the years, they are currently being redesigned and branded as the Cove Course and the Sol Course, respectively. 

Cabo Del Sol – Featuring Buena Vista 3
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All the world is a Stage

Is there anyone who does not love looking at model homes? A good model home will subtly fill you with the feeling of freshness, of moments waiting to happen, of possibility.  Maybe it is the soft nursery that has you longing for baby cuddles, the sleek office space that empowers you to pursue your career goals with gusto, or the kitchen, ready for fresh lemonade or a dinner party. Every space in a successful model home is designed with intention, and the intention is to make you connect with some part of the home. This connection causes you to unconsciously imagine how perfect life would be if you lived there.

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Los Cabos Real Estate Rumble: 2020 vs. 2021

Sales comparison January to May of each year.

On April 1, 2020, we went on lockdown here in Los Cabos, and there weren’t many people who anticipated the real estate boom we have seen since the summer of 2020.

It was amazing how many people could travel to Los Cabos and buy a new home or condo. We have seen many buyers from the USA but also an increase of Mexicans from the mainland. 

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This is why you need a Buyer’s agent in your life.

What is a Buyer’s Agent and how do you know if you found a good one?

A Buyer’s Agent is a real estate professional who represents the buyer in the sale of a property. It is the person who is committed to making sure the buyer gets the best possible deal in the real estate transaction.  The Real Estate Code of Ethics states that a realtor must pledge to “protect and promote the interests of their client”.

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